“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all” - Oscar Wilde


Humans thrive on curiosity. Without it, we’d all still be sat in caves rubbing two sticks together. We experiment in order to move forward. We design, we devise, we create. Our innovation derives from this innate desire to build and pursue ideas that at one point, seemed intangible. The hunger for discovery is a fundamental attribute to our species - it’s how we advance and learn to take care of our Mother Earth and all it's wonderful inhabitants.


WELCOME! To my creative hous. Home to my visual and wordsmith-ing ventures, I devised Halcyon with the intention of it becoming an illustrious allegory of original ideas - whatever the medium. Delving into the concepts of experimental design, intentional living, sustainability, mindfulness and generally exploring mankind's cosmic creativity, Halcyon is a celebration of what it means to be the innovative human.

I want to inject a little magic back into the world.

The word Halcyon defines a ‘period of time in ones life that was considered idyllically happy and peaceful’. Exploring art, conscious living, travel and all other uplifting human endeavors, Halcyon intends to share stimulating creations, wisdoms and stories that have been woven together in order to showcase the GOOD that emerges when humans collaborate and visions are realised.



Annabel Emery



Hello! I'm Annie...


Originally I am from Staffordshire, England but I am currently residing in Queenstown New Zealand where I work as a t-shirt designer and retail assistant.

I am a 26 year old Fashion & Business Graduate, freelance content writer, art director and illustrator.


In 2014, during my second year at uni, I took part in the Erasmus exchange scheme which meant moving to Italy for six months to study fashion at the Politecnico in Milan. It was the greatest decision I ever made; I got mugged, hospitalised and nearly died all within the first three months! But amidst the traumatic character building experiences, I got a taste of what it was like to travel and live independently. 

I got the pleasure of meeting other creative students from all across the globe whilst living there. We would share stories from our home countries over wine in the evenings and enjoy immersive cultural experiences around Northern Italy during our weekends. This was a pinnacle moment in my life. Everything changed internally. I felt an overwhelming enthusiasm at the thought of seeing more of the world.


I then graduated from Birmingham City University in 2015 and worked for a year in a management role for a fashion concession, whilst also beginning a side career in content writing for a creative marketing agency. The experience was invaluable, but the time and the stress that came from running my life alongside two full time jobs was immensely depressing, and after suffering mentally from some major life events, I began looking into Lifestyle Design.


I was heavily inspired by Timothy Ferris’ The Four Hour Work Week and after only reading half way through, I decided to quit my hectic lifestyle and move back home so I could save up for a trip I have yet to come back from!

It was hard to wave goodbye to my city freedom, handsome pay cheque, friends and family, but after selling my life on eBay and working an additional five jobs whilst at home, I was more than ready to board that plane. After six months of continuous travel, I ended up here in Queenstown, where I have been happily building a life for almost three years.

Halcyon began as a travel blog - so that I could document the present and always remember my past. But unknowingly, it has begun to formulate a future too. Now an online portfolio for all of my creative endeavors, I hope it enables me to capture the magic of life as accurately as I'm seeing it.


Thank you kindred hearts; for the love, support and infinite inspiration x


© 2019 by Annabel Emery